Hitchhiker’s Guide to Spring’s REST Galaxy


There is always a great deal of context switching when you try to be a full stack developer. Sometimes you find yourself coding in Java and the very next moment, you are implementing spark pipelines in Python, or perhaps solving those great cloud’s how – to’s mysteries. But more than often you find yourself answering the mothership’s call. For me that would be Java. Recently I found myself out of sync with the latest developments in the field. It has been almost 6 years I had migrated to a newer LTS. Ignorance was not bliss here, I was waiting on an official LTS notification rather than working on intermediate versions. So with Java 11 officially here, I thought of brushing up things by taking up something close, Microservices.

Creating a project is not just about picking up a programming language, but also about the surrounding ecosystem, that brings in dependency management, testability, deployability and usability. Without these, you cant proceed with complex topics like security, scalability even performance analysis.

This blog serves as a guide like artefact, for making a Spring Boot based REST API that tries to tick all the functional and non functional points stated above.

This blog, would be as what I term BAYB (Blog as you build) so would be broken into multiple components and eventually would shape into an artefact to any Arthur Dent, planning to dig into the world of micro-services and REST based applications.

Content (links would be activated one step at a time)

Getting started : CodeBase , Build tool and getting your structure up

Booting up With Spring : Get your dependencies and boot up your application

Data’s Lair : Setting up data layer and cache with Spring

No Time to REST : Building a REST Service and a consumer with actions to do

Not anyone’s land : Applying REST security using SPRING

Repo link : GIT Repo


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